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    Garden of mixed Flowers

    QAR 350,00
    To express your love with Peach roses, lily ,hydrangea ,limonium and fresh  red baby roses. what better way there may be to get something special, something meaningful, something personalized, something priceless.

    Signature Box of Pink and Peach Roses

    QAR 300,00
    Roses have always been a symbol of elegance, love, and appreciation. Its different colors give us particular messages in a unique way that is appreciated by everyone

    Pink Glory

    QAR 300,00
    Blush Pink Roses in an elegant finest box make them more beautiful.

    Pink Melody

    QAR 250,00
    This bouquet is made up of Fresh Pink Roses and Hypericum berries. Perfect melodious pink shades really express the most glamorous part of affections.

    Golden Glory

    QAR 250,00
    A bouquet of Golden Roses with green Santini.

    Golden Eye

    QAR 250,00
    A perfect bunch of Helianthus known as Sunflowers looks like a golden eye. This flower bouquet is awesome to make someone's day special.

    Double Delight

    QAR 350,00
    This flower arrangement is made up of Premium Fresh Cut Roses, nicely arranged in a well-branded high-quality flower box, it really looks stunning. 

    Red Velvet

    QAR 350,00
    Premium Quality Red Roses in Red Velvet Box give a romantic feel to this stunning flower arrangement.

    Red Charm Bouquet

    QAR 300,00
    A beautiful bouquet of Premium Dutch grown Tulips in black Wrapping with  Standard/Large/ X Large -30 | 40 | 50 Stems Size 45 x 40 Cms. 

    Red Glory Bouquet

    QAR 450,00
    Long Stem big American Roses wrapped in Black Wrapping with White Ribbon. Its a premium-grade bouquet.  Standard - 50 Roses | Large 75 Roses |X Large 100 Roses.  Size 50...

    Blushing Bird Bouquet

    QAR 250,00
    A truly beautiful, elegant bunch of blush color flowers. A perfect flower gift to anyone.  

    CharmingPink Bouquet

    QAR 250,00
    A Perfect bunch of Pink baby Roses, true romantic and eye-catching elegant bouquet. A perfect flower and color to gift.   

    SuperCool Bouquet

    QAR 250,00
    A unique bouquet with a very cool and settled color.  Standard/Large/X-Large - Size Increase by 20% 

    ColoMix Bouquet

    QAR 250,00
    A perfect assortment of Hydrangea and Roses, a colorful and vibrant bouquet.  Size Standard/Large/X-Large - Size increase by 20%  

    EverRed Bouquet

    QAR 250,00
    Long Stem Garden Roses. A Perfect Romantic Bouquet. Standard 24 Stems Large 30 Stems X Large 36 Stems  
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